Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blue Mud

Since I'm pregnant and home all day I'm a great person to watch your kids!  So my friend drops her daughter off in the morning and we play all day!  This will make my last 2 months fly by!  I will never again not work while pregnant.  This has been the longest wait of my life and I know working would have helped the time fly by.  She is a great little girl who mostly plays with my daughters toys all day not really needing any entertaining.  Yesterday she was following me around in the kitchen so I decided to give her an activity. We decided on MUD!

I found some old dried our baking soda under the sink and put it in a bowl.
 I colored some water blue and slowly poured it into the baking soda.  Do it slowly so you don't end up dissolving it.

 Mix it until it forms balls.

Then play!  It will end up on the floor but it is very easy to clean up!

When she was all done I balled up the rest of the clay and shoved some treasures inside.  I let the balls dry over night with the treasures and tomorrow she will dig to see what is inside!

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